Short biography


1948  Born in Osaka

1973 Sculupture Tama Art University

1976 Received Bungeishunju Cortoonist Prize

1993 Held anOne-Man Exhibition for the Japanese Gallery at  the British Museum(London)

2006 Held a Two-Person Exhibition with Mr.Tomi Ungerer(France)






1973 Mme. Chang's Chinese Restaurant (Sojusha Co.,Ltd)

1974 Yogi (Sojusho Co.,Ltd)

1976 Mon Mon (Internal Co.,Ltd)

1977 Opera Glasses (Tairyusha Co.,Ltd)

1979 Altamira (Tojusho Co.,Ltd)

1980 Bonsai Your Pet (The Dial Press/New York)

1985 Genpei (Kyuryudo Co.,Ltd)

1986 The Sketch Book of 100Kinds of Prpfessions (Banseisha Co.,Ltd)

1987 The Poisons (KK Bestsellers)

1993 Takeda Hideo and The Japanese Cortoon Tradition at The British Museum

2012 World Night Tours

         OFF BLACK

         Hell Screen



1995 Mitsu Mitsu (Force Co., Ltd)



2007 Creator File~Hideo Takeda Gallery at Art-Life


Copyright © 2014  Hideo Takeda

Copyright © 2014  Hideo Takeda