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Eleven prints from the portfolio MonMon

Japanese Prints: The Psychedelic Seventies

Exhibition Museum of Fine Arts Boston



The first World’ s Fair held in East Asia, Expo ‘70 in Osaka, marked the beginning of an extraordinary period of prosperity for Japan that lasted over a decade. To a greater extent than ever before, Japan participated in the development of the global art styles of the time-in particular, the mind-bending motifs and chromatic verve of psychedelic art. Japanese fashion designers showed their work in Paris, Japanese architects won major commissions around the world, and Japanese graphic design appeared on album covers of internationally renowned music groups such as Santana and Miles Davis.

The brilliant colors, strong design sense, and exuberant vitality typical of the 1970s also appear in prints. During this time, the range of media employed by Japanese print artists expanded to include not only the woodblock and stencil prints that had been dominant in the previous decade, but also silkscreen, etching, and lithography. Works such as Yokoo Tadanori’ s 1974 silkscreen, pictured above, resonate with the tenor of the age, melding Buddhist iconography with an electric palette. Among the new, younger artists who rose to prominence were a number of women, part of a gradually increasing trend toward gender equality in the arts. Many of the artists featured in this exhibition-including Tadanori, Takeda Hideo, and Oda Mayumi-are still creating prints today.


Japanese Prints: The Psychedelic Seventies

February 2, 2018 – August 12, 2018

Corridor between Islamic Gallery and Huntington Lobby (183)

Exhibition Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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「OIRAN 2018 new version start」


Mobile telephone cover on sale soon.

For more information ART-LIFE.




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2017.8.1.(tue)~13.(sun) 10:00~18:00 (8.7,is CLOSE)


   4-kaamisanjomachi,nara-city   tel:0742-23-0114




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2017.7.8~7.19 12:00~19:00 gallery shimada  at KOBE

Details are here.


「COLUMN」  is  fiction story   by  27 scenes   in  the  ancient  roman  period.

        This  theme  of this  story  is  the  war  of  heaven  and  underground  for  women.


           We also  sell   the   catalog  book.

           Artist  Takeda  will  be  there  everday.      Please  talk  freely.






2017.03.27 UP DATE

GALLERY IROHANI solo works「Wedding Bell」

3.31(fri) ~ 4.12(wed) 11:00~18:00(last day~17:00) wed:close

       4.1(sat) 17:30 openning party

       3.31(fri) 4.1(sat) .2(sun) .7(fri) .8(sat) .9(sun) writer is the museum

osaka-hu saki-city sakai-ku kai-machi east 1-2-29:TEL 072-232-1682








2017.02.23 UP DATE

FECO JAPAN cartoon







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Everyday, Mr.TAKEDA stay here!

GALLERIA SIMON:Ginza Chiyoda_ku TOKYO 6-13-7-3F / 03-3541-2511




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you can purchase this card set  click here!↓


2016.07.19 UP DATE

Struggle for power Prints by Takeda Hideo

10 September – 27 November 2016



Discover the fascinating story behind the Struggle for Power Prints by Takeda Hideo. The prints by this contemporary Japanese artist illustrate the intriguing tale of the Genpei War (1180-1185) and the bloody battle between the Taira and Minamoto families. The 'family feud' is a recurring theme in Japanese art and literature, so too in the works of the artist Takeda Hideo (1948). His Genpei print series has been praised for its great attention to detail and rousing imagery in the struggle for power. Characteristic of Takeda's Work is the use of 'uncanny images' and fanciful erotica. Takeda's unique graphic style takes a contemporary look at this age-old struggle.


On September 9th at the Siebold house,Princess Laurentien will make a speech at the openning ceremony.



The gilt folding screen goods presented to Your Highness can be bought at Art-Life Museum the NET.

Adress is

2016.02.15 UP DATE





2016.01.31 UP DATE

A catalogue book「KA-CHO-FU-GETSU」

B4/64P ¥1,200-

 The purchase is Art-Life Museum the NET


A catalogue < KA-CHO-FU-GETSU> is also available at the exhibition.

Price 1200yen(including tax), Size H 176mm x W 250mm, total 64 pages,

includes 103 pieces of work which mainly focuses on Gallery Mutsu.

Mr. Hideo Takeda will be at the exhibition on:

February 19(fri) 20(sat) 21(sun) 26(fri) 27(sat) 28(sun)

March 1(tue) 2(wed)

Please feel free to reach out to Mr. Takeda, at anytime.


7min walk from JR Chiba North(Kita) exit *parking available


The over 80 depiction of flower, landscape, and still art defines the title KA-CHO-FU-GETSU.







2015.04.08 UP DATE

Revival Exhibition of the work, "Dedicated to Georges Seurat" will be Displayed at the Entrance of Abeno Harukasu Museum and Kobe Fashon Museum

Completed in 1993, the work, "Dedicated to Georges Seurat", is made with 900,000 colored pins to recreate actual size of Seurat's master piece of neo-impressionism,"A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte".

Actual size: 220cm x 320cm x 15cm After 20 years of interval, this great piece of work displayed at the entrance of Abeno Harukasu Museum during the exhibition of museum's "Neo-Impressionism, from Light to Color" from October 10, 2014 to January 12,2015.

And will be displayed at the entrance of Kobe Fashon Museum from April 18 to June 28,2015.


Picture :900.000 pins of Georges Seurat by Hideo Takeda at ABENO HARUKASU

2015.03.11 UP DATE





2015.01.15 UP DATE



Tokyu Denentoshi Line Den-en-Chofu Station east exit station square

                                                                                         The TOKYU LIVABLE first floor

     2015.1.8(thu)~2.23(mon)   10:00AM〜6:00PM Tuesday Wednesday fixed closing day

JR TOKAIDO Line CHIGASAKI south exit station square  The TOKYU LIVABLE first floor

     2015.2.26(thu)~4.20(mon) 10:00AM〜6:00PM Tuesday Wednesday fixed closing day


The work purchase

The details  

2014.09.20 UP DATE

World Night Tour : Original Paintings

The First Genpei Series


    425 Madison Ave. 3rd fl

    New York, NY 10017

    TEL (212)-688-0188


On view in the gallery and online

    October 9 - November 8 , 2014

    October 9  17:30-19:30  Opening Party


On October 18, Hideo Takeda held a Halloween painting workshop at Ronin Gallery in New York City. Over the duration of his stay, Takeda has painted 20 large and small pumpkins.

2014.05.23 UP DATE

Big Success in Turkey Followed by Success in China for Solo Exhibition

Takeda was  invited as the  only Japanese judge amongst other European and American cartoonists for Turkey's  biggest International Cartoon Exhibition in 2012.

This led to Takeda's solo exhibition in Istanbul's Schneider Temple Art Gallery as the first Japanese artist.

The exhibition lasted for 3 months from May 15th, 2014.

"Turkey's economy is now bubbling, and art is hobby for the riches.

  There are some things considered as taboo in the Islamic world, the potential of the art is yet unknown." says Takeda.

Nevertheless, Takeda's works are highly regarded in Turkey's art world.


One of the event
2014.04.11 UP DATE

Offered a Gift of Golden Folding Screen to Zuiganji-Temple in Matsushima,  which Suffered a Great Damage from 3.11 Earthquake

April 8th is known as  "Hana Matsuri " or flower festival to  celebrate Buddha's Birthday.

On this day, Takeda offered a pair of golden folding screen to one of the most famous temple, Zuiganji-Temple in Matsushima, to wish for the recovery from the disaster.

On a big golden folding screens (180cm X 310cm), flowers of cherry blossoms are painted on rotten tree barks.

The ceremony of offering began at 3 pm with sutra recitation by 10 monks. Takeda says that was his first time to ever listen to Rinzai Zen's sutra recitation and  was very much moved.

While the cherry blossoms were budding, there were only few tourists.

In a cedar grove, the temple precinct was filled in solemn stillness.



Joint Exhibition with 60's Charisma-Tomi Ungerer was Featured in Front Page for Local French Newspapers.

Tomi Ungerer is an author of the popular picture book, "The Three Robbers" (1961).

He is actually one of the most influential illustrator and writer in the 60's and 70's, and he appointed Takeda for joint exhibition in France in December of 2009 which attracted big attention.

One of the significant news in Europe, but not widely known in Japan.

Copyright © 2014  Hideo Takeda

Copyright © 2014  Hideo Takeda